After Renovation

Post Construction Cleaning

You envision a beautiful and bright new space as soon as you start a building or a renovation project. In reality, things are usually much different. Post-construction dust and dirt can be hazardous to a building’s occupants’ health and it is very difficult to remove. After renovation and construction, airborne dust particles and residue settle everywhere, including on furnishings, carpet, wall hangings, windows, sanitary fixtures, walls, hard surfaces, and tile floors. To effectively clean these surfaces, specialized equipment, products and expertise are needed.

During construction, dirt and dust accumulate that require a deep cleaning to eliminate. When you are putting in new furniture or carpets in your home, getting a professional after renovation cleaning service is a wise investment to safeguard your investments.

Professional After Renovation Cleaning Service in Toronto

When you hire our professional after renovation cleaners, they will use all the right tools to remove the dust from the building work, transforming the space into a fresh and enjoyable one.

There’s a reason we’re the authority on after renovation cleaning. We have a team of industry-leading cleaning experts, who have the skills, training, equipment, and experience to ensure that after renovation, your house is ready for move-in at the earliest. Our team is seasoned to deliver best-in-class services and guarantee peace of mind for our customers.

We can also coordinate with the contractors directly to execute our cleaning services at the end of the construction process, addressing any incomplete tasks and scheduling the after renovation cleaning services to make your space livable as early as possible.

Let us provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate of your after-renovation cleaning needs. As a leading name in after renovation cleaners, we provide post-construction deep cleaning services in Scarborough, North York, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. For unmatched renovation cleaning results, call us today at 647-717-5886.

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